Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Turn A Gundam Interview

Short interview with Syd Mead and Okawara. Tomino jamming with Hideki Saijo and was overly excited with Shinji Tanimura.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Super Interesting Darkness OAD 5

Super Interesting. My encode is heavily dehaloed, so it is blurry because Xebec Oversharpened the DVD to hell. It's a little upscaled to 1024x576. Subs is Doutei with secondary subs by FBI. Download it and form your own opinion on which you like better.

Screenshot comparison is dead currently so I'll dump some screenshots here. Doutei is upscaled in the gimp with lanczos resize.




[-__-'] To Love-Ru Trouble - Darkness - OAD 05 [DVD 576p x264 8bit FLAC] [0F8FC3C8]


Thursday, February 5, 2015


So Silver lost in LN.

>"I can't keep continuing as your fake boyfriend. I can't be your accomplice."

>"……Y-You want me to use force?"

>Masuzu's voice was trembling right now.

>"Did you forget, Eita? I still have my hands on your notebook. I just have to move my fingers and all of your embarrassing black histories will be released all over the Internet for the world to see—"

>"Then release it."


>"I said you can release it. It's enough."


>"To tell you the truth, Hime, the notebook that Masuzu usually reads from is actually mine."

>I've already made a firm resolution.

>Hime courageously confessed all of her black histories. What reason was there if I couldn't summon my own courage?

>"You'll regret this, Eita."

>Masuzu slowly started taking steps back as she angrily stared at me.

>"If you want to apologize right now, I'll forgive you and only release ten pages—"

>"This isn't a trial period. Just release them all in one breath."

>"If you find it embarrassing to admit it in front of Akishino-san, then tonight you can come to the usual coffee shop to apologize. Then, I'll forgive you and only release twenty pages—"

>"I said, it doesn't matter. Just release all of them."

>"In that case, before I go to bed, if you just give me a phone call then I'll—"

>"I said that it was enough!"

>Masuzu's eyes were filled with tears and she shook her head nonstop.

>"You'll regret this, Eita. No, I'll definitely make you regret this!"

>The loud shouts made all the crows that were sitting on the telephone lines all disperse. After Masuzu threw down that final sentence, she ran away.

>While she waited for the computer to boot up, Masuzu opened a locked drawer and took out an old-fashioned notebook.

>This was the 「Chuuni Notebook」 that was stuffed full with Eita's black history.

>"Hehehe, hahehehehe, hehehehehehehehehehehe."

>Muffled laughter spilled over from her stiff lips. Although it felt so undignified, she couldn't refrain from it.

>Her heart was brimming with wicked happiness, but somewhere deep in corner of her heart, there was this unsure thought:

>—How did it end up like this?

>"Aaahhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

>Masuzu felt a pain like a knife twisted in her heart.

>She wanted to eliminate those warm feelings that were springing up from her heart, but she kept feeling those stabs of pain again and again.

>It was enough. Just release it all.

And in the next chapter, Chiwa kisses Eita for the 2nd time (pic).



[-__-'] Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru [BD 1080p x264 10bit FLAC]


Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Yo yo yo.

1-11 horriblesubs.
12-13 rori.
deal with it.

ova not included.

[-__-'] Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! 1-13 [BD 1080p x264 8bit FLAC]