Thursday, January 12, 2017


Here is the gist of it.
They broke about 3 to 5% of scenes during deinterlacing/IVTC.
Otherwise it looks better than the DVD.
At first glance, Western released BD might look better but then I found scenes like this.

Japan BD

Western BD

I decided to go with the Japanese BD. From my observation, the western BD have the same problem which concludes they used the same master but with editing on their side. They also added an ugly magenta tint to it and cropped more.

Decimated the ending because I am too lazy to do vfr. just watch the creditless.
I think it's still better than Saki BD though. Business as usual at Gonzo.!YtBXSbwR!uMNY4aL2evX3MyaU6sjq6Ct9tp8Bu3mSzu0qMYttIkY


Anonymous said...

Just watching ep 3, and after 18.28 no more subs. Please have a look. Nice release btw, good quality imo

Anonymous said...

I have the same issue for episode 3 as well. Other than that, the quality seems nice so far. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I tried loading the japanese sub from the Mega link. That one runs fine. So if you could post the srt/sub/ass or whatever of ep 3, we can fix it ourselves I presume. Any chance you'll fix this?

shirohamada said...

megalink up on nyaa

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, works now!

Anonymous said...

Will you guys be releasing "Second Raid" and "Fumoffu" as well? Thanks for the great work <3!

Alin-kun said...

Hello. Hope I don't ask too much but would you help me a bit with color collor corection on this? I tryed quite a few script but none of them get me your result. I'm trying to get it done before the new series came out.